About Us

Oklahoma Fashion Alliance is an amalgamation of Tulsa’s underground art scene and the creative ecosystem that is at work in the city. The organization, formed to develop the emerging fashion professionals in Tulsa and the surrounding Oklahoma areas, aims to provide work, mentorship, and community to its members. The primary focus of OFA is the large-scale fashion shows that are produced by the collective. They are designed with project based education in mind, aiming to increase the capacity and competency of each specific role within the show cycle. Over the course of the 24 weeks, OFA hosts networking events (open to the public and member only), workshops, multiple photoshoots, and will end with the fashion show (ticketed). By the conclusion of the show cycle, members will have experience in working with creative teams, producing work on detailed timelines, collaborating on lookbooks and merchandise, expanding their network, and showcasing their work to the community. Through our resources and programming we are encouraging Tulsans to work, shop, and invest into the local fashion industry/economy.
The OFA, founded and directed by Parker D. Wayne, provides a platform for anyone passionate about the fashion industry to collaborate with local artists, including designers, models, stylists, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and creative directors. Parker's own experiences in the Tulsa fashion scene, particularly the thrill of showcasing their first collection on the runway, inspired the creation of OFA. The sense of community and shared excitement has motivated Parker to extend these experiences to as many people as possible.
OFA's vision is to foster the growth of couture fashion in smaller cities and rural areas of Oklahoma. This is achieved by organizing fashion shows, networking events, and workshops, infusing a touch of theatrics and camp into local runways.
The inaugural OFA show, 'People of the Prairie', was a collaboration with The Center for Queer Prairie Studies. It coincided with the opening night of their exhibit at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship Flagship Space in March 2023. The second show, 'Oklahoma Futurism at the Infinity Barnstorm', was held in May 2023 at Art House X. This event was a collaboration with Rebekah Danae and A Creative House, featuring a collection inspired by Danae's recent works. The third show 'Is The Earth Just A Body Too?' will premiere on February 24th at the Artisan Hall in Tulsa's Kendal Whittier district with the support of the Artists Creative Fund.

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